Photos from the Meet and Greet~H-Bomb Lounge

Semi-Finalists and Pageant Officials participated in the first of a series of Meet and Greet events, Monday, October 6, at the H-Bomb Lounge. It was a fantastic occasion for the Semi-Finalists to meet both the Judges and members of our fantastic Busty Community.

Posted below are some highlights of this great evening of fun.

Many of the Semi-Finalists joined in the fun.

Ashley  Participants 08

Eclipse  Participants 07

Gersemi  Participants 06

Inamorta  Participants 05

Iris  Participants 04

Joline Participants 03

Kira   Participants 09

Melonny  Participants 02

Vikki  Participants 01

The Semi-Finalists had a chance to meet some of the Pageant Judges.

Judge 01    Angel

Pageant Officials also joined in the FUN.

Brace, Producer  Organizers 03

Chalcedony, Producer  Organizers 04

HymaLaya, Producer  Organizers 02

Playful, Director   Organizers 01

A large gathering joined in the evening of great music and festivities.

Venue 03

Venue 02

Venue 05

Venue 06

Venue 09

Venue 10

Venue 11

Venue 13

Venue 12

Venue 14

The NEXT scheduled Meet and Greet with be Thursday, October 16,  5 – 7 pm SLT at Brightflame Hollow.  Make plans now to join in the fun.

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