Photos from Meet and Greet at Bosom Bay Beach and Club

Semi-Finalists, Pageant Officials and friends participated in the final of a series of Meet and Greet events, Friday, October 17, at BOSOM BAY BEACH AND CLUB.

Once again it was a fantastic evening where the Semi-Finalists had the opportunity to meet both the Judges and members of our Busty Community in a very relaxed environment.

Posted below are some highlights of this great evening of fun. These shots were taken by Solidx, Pageant Photographer.

A number of Semi-Finalists joined in the fun:

Gersemi  Gersemi

Iris Melody   Iris

Joline   Joline Angelus

Kira   Kira

Melonny   Melonny

silvy TopHat_001   Silvy

Vikki   Vikki Rayne

Pageant officials also enjoyed a great evening.

Brace   Brace Mao

Chalcedony Mao   Chally

Playful   Playful Howley

Vivian Veeper_001   Vivian

A large group of guests were part of the excitement, enjoying great music and tons of FUN.

Bosom Bay_001 Bosom Bay_002 Bosom Bay_003 Bosom Bay_004 Bosom Bay_005 Bosom Bay_006 Bosom Bay_007 Bosom Bay_008 Bosom Bay_009 Bosom Bay_010 Bosom Bay_011 Bosom Bay_012 Bosom Bay_013Aeronya Arai_001 Chalenthra Connie Hallgerd ily Rose Leticia Latex Marana Shinn Maverika Phaedra DeAnge-Stratia Rosegale Steamweaver Sarrah Windlow_001

The Miss Busty SL 2014 Pageant will be conducted Thursday, October 23rd, starting at 6 pm SLT.  

Don’t miss this exciting event.


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